Monday, July 2, 2012

15 Mar 2012: Alim bail application

The case of Abdul Alim first came up before the court. The chairman mentioned that the defence counsel has submitted an application for the extension of his bail

The prosecutor, Advocate Rana Dash Gupta stated that today they have submitted the formal charge against Mr. Abdul Alim. So, now at this stage, the application from the defence side to extend the bail ought to be rejected.

Justice Nizamul Haq passed the following order: (summary below)
Today was fixed for submitting formal charge against Mr. Abdul Alim. And the Prosecution has submitted the formal charge against him. Mr. Abdul Alim was asked to be present before the tribunal. And he is present today.

Mr. Tajul Islam appearing on behalf of the Defence party submitted that the petitioner has not abused the aim of the bail. As such, for the ground of Justice, his extension of bail is to be granted.

Mr. Rana Dash Gupta argued that as today, the formal charge has been submitted, so the accused petitioner should not be allowed on bail, no more.

Now, we’ve to fix a date for the cognizance of the matter of offence. Since there is no misuse of bail by the accused petitioner, so he would be allowed to have the extension of bail.

22nd March, 2012 is fixed for the cognizance matter and till date his bail is extended. He is asked to be present before the tribunal on that date.
After this the court then moved onto hearing the continuation of the charge framing application of Nizami

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