Sunday, February 17, 2013

12 Dec 2012: Further adjournment

The date was set for the sixth defense witness in the Mollah case to come to the tribunal to give evidence.

Tajul Islam for the defense sought further time due to 'personal difficulties'

Justice Obidul Hasan said this delay 'is your strategy'
Chairman said that this item cannot be adjourned.

Advocate Tazul Islam against prayed for adjournment

Justice Obaidul asked the defense to disclose their difficulties.

Advocate Tajul said that the witness has reached Dhaka but he is weak.

Justice Obaidul: bring him tomorrow.

Prosecutor Md. Ali objects to  this. We are violating rules of Act.

Judge Shahinur Islam says to prosecutor, why you are speaking like this? Tribunal can give an order. Is tribunal violating the rule?

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