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18 Dec 2012: Azad trial 22nd witness

(These are not official transcripts but notes taken of the proceedings.)

Following on from the previous witness, the trial of Abul Kalam Azad continued with the evidence of the twenty second witness, the investigation officer Noor Hossain.
Witness: During my investigation period, I have collected information sent according to the Memorial (Sarok) No- White\7- 21\2005- 10\1210 on 28th November 2010 of D.C of Faridpur from librarian of Investigation Agency S.I Anisur Rahman and studied those. Among those information, 12 killing field have been marked in a map. Picture of 11 killing fields are included in those information.

It has been seen in the list of houses and shops burnt by Pakistani army and their collaborators Rajaker in Bowalmari of Faridpur that 358 houses and shops were damaged by looting and burning during liberation war and name of 94 martyrs are in the list of martyr of Bowalmari including the name of Sudangsu Sekhar, Jugendranath Shaha, Sarot Kumar Poddar, Mollik Chakrabarty and Shamaproshad Shaha. There are also name of 103 martyrs of Nagarkanda in that list.

There is a list of Rajaker and Al-Badar of Faridpur in the report given by D.C of Faridpur. The name of Maolana Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu is in serial no-1 of that list as a leader of Faridpur Al-Badar. Committee list of Jamaytee Islami and Islami Chatra Sango of East Pakistan on 1970-71 has been annexed in that report in which the name of Maolana Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu has been stated with Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid. Certified photocopy of that report given by D.C of Faridpur has been annexed during submitting the investigation report.

I have gone to Faridpur Rajendra College for examining the educational qualification of Maolana Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu and informed that he admitted in Eleven Class of Rajendra College during 1970. At that time he used to participate in procession, meeting and many other political activities in favor of Pakistan Government as a member of Jamaatee Islami with president of Faridpur Islami Chatra Sanga Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid in Faridpur town and many other areas beside the town.

During my investigation, I have visited those occurrence places in which Pakistani army, Member of Peace Committee, Rakjaker, Al-Badar and Al-Shams had committed crimes against humanity during liberation period, asked the involved people with those occurrences and recorded their statements in different dates. I have taken video scenery and picture of those occurrence places and made rough map of those areas. I have submitted those videos, pictures and rough maps to the office of Chief Prosecutor with investigation report.

During my investigation period, on the concurrence of Bangladesh Home Ministry and permission of Investigation Agency I went taking Binoy roy and Probad Kumar with us to Haskhali of Nadia District in India which is south side of Gowranagar and recorded there the statement of victim Devy Rani Bissas, and also went to 4, Ajantapark Bagajatin of Jadabpur of Calcutta and recorded the statement of Sri Monimoy Roy Kesto and Minoti Rani Roy.

During my investigation, I was informed by son of Sri Monimoy Roy alias Kesto, Gowtam who lives in Faridpur that his father has gone to India for treatment taking his mother with him and he has no possibility to return soon. I was also informed by witness Binoy Roy that his sister-in-law Devi Rani Bissas has gone to India after being raped by Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu during 1971 in fear of shame of people.

During my investigation period, I have collected information of Accused Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu given in his passport from immigration branch of S.B and examined those information.

I wanted information which were collected and preserved until 15 August 1975 from D.C of Faridpur about crimes against humanity occurred by Pakistani army, Rajaker, Al-Badar and Al-Sams in Faridpur during liberation period and also information about those people who were involved with those crimes against humanity, then D.C informed me that most of the documents and information were damaged and destructed in pre-planned way after 15 August of 1971 but some documents and information which he could collect has sent to the office of Investigation Agency.

It has been proved in Investigation that around 300 to 400 Pakistani army of Yahia Khan in the lead of Major Akram Koraisi came to Faridpur town on 21st April 1971and Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu welcomed them.

During my investigation, I have recorded the statement of 55 witnesses. It has been seen in the statement of witness and proof which have been got during investigation that Maolana Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu as a active collaborator of Pakistani army firstly as volunteer Rajaker, after that as a Rajaker and after that as a commander of Al-Badar, had committed crimes against humanity like murder, genocide, rape, burning, confining, looting and making forced to leave the country and many others in those areas of Faridpur stated in Investigation Report.

By total investigation, witnesses and proofs, crimes stated in section 3(2),(a),(c) of International Crimes Tribunal Act- 1973 have been proved primarily against Maolana Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu and for that reason I have submitted my investigation report to Chief Prosecutor against Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu on 29-07-2012 though accused is in absconding.

During my investigation, I got the involvement of Maolana Abul Kalam Azad Alias Bachchu with crimes against humanity in 1971 and for that reason I had applied to Tribunal by Chief Prosecutor for arresting him in last 22-03-2012 but it was not become possible to arrest him for being remained absconded. It has been known from different sources that he has left the country.

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