Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 April: Anwar contempt comments

After the adjournment following Chowdhury's indictment was read out,  Zead Al Malum came to the dais with a newspaper in his hand.

He showed the report of “Prothom Alo” where M.K Anwar (Parliament member of BNP) stated that the proceedings of Tribunal as “Jangal e Shason”

My lord, it is clear from the report that, to obstruct the proceedings of Trial and to create hesitation among the general people in regard to the trial procedure is their main purpose for stating this type of words

That is why my lord, I pray before the tribunal to take initiative against this type of person under section 11 of the ICT Act-1973.

And my lord, he also said “why has the statement been taken by the magistrate not by the police officer”?

Justice Nassim said: Actually the thing is that Mr. M.K Anwar did not forget Code of criminal Procedure and Evidence Act. But person like M.K should think several times before delivering these type of words. However, we should inquire what he said against the Tribunal and is it stated by him that this Act is equivalent to the “Jungle Law ”or not?

Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury: My lord, he said the law is Jungle law but the tribunal is not the Jungle Tribunal.

Zead al Malum: My lord, he uttered these type of words intentionally to obstruct the trial procedure.

Not only Prothom Alo but Jugantor and Inquilab had published this type of news.

Order given by Justice Nassim:
Learned prosecution has submitted three paper cuttings the Prothom Alo, Jugantor and Inquilab dated 3rd April where Mr. M.K Anwar has made his given comments which mean that the tribunal is created in the atmosphere of Jungle law. 
It appears that, he is Member of Parliament, Cabinet secretary, Deputy Commissioner and Magistrate as well as he is highly educated person having knowledge of lawyer.
It appears that M.K Anwar cannot forget CrPc and Evidence Act. He cannot say Act is bad or good. 
But we are very sorry to say this type of statement from a person like him is unexpected. We hope person like him come forward to help the tribunal. 
It is unexpected but we found nothing which is contemptuous. Therefore we inclined to serve a notice upon him that he should be careful in case of passing any comments regarding the trial proceedings of the tribunal.
The tribunal then dealt with an application by Chowdhury

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