Friday, July 6, 2012

24 May 2012: Chowdhury 3rd witness Sirajul

After the end of the cross examination of the second witness in the Chowdhury case, the examination in chief of the third witness Sirajul Islam alias Shiru Bangali concerning the trial of Salauddin Quader Chowdhury took place. The questioning was started by Zead-Al-malum.
Prosecution: What is your name?  
Witness: My name is Sirajul islam alias shiru Miah.  
Prosecution: How old you are?  
Witness: I am 64 years old.  
Prosecution: In 1971, how old you were?  
Witness: I was 23 years old then.  
Prosecution: How long you have studied?  
Witness: I have completed my graduation.  
Prosecution: Would you please tell us about Liberation War of 1971?  
Witness: We got independent by sacrificing many things. The Bengalies are fighting the enemy with great courage for an independent Bangladesh. In the 1970’s election, professor Nurul Islam Chowdhury was candidate of Awami league from Patia Thana. And in provincial election Sultan Ahmed was a candidate of the Awami league. Basically I was a field worker of the Awami league. Name of the Jamaat-i-Islamic student association was Islamic student association. The name of the student wing of Muslim league was NSF. Student leader of the Chittagong was Sallah uddin Quder Chowdhury, Sayed Wahidul Alam, Hamidul kabir chowdhury alias khoka, Enamul haq manju.  
On 7 March 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Majibur Rahamn called upon the non-cooperation movement. He said “ebarer shongram muktir shongram, ebarer shongram shadhinater shongram” (this fight is for liberation, this fight is for independence). At night on 25th march, West Pakistan armed forces suddenly attacked the police barracks ta razarbagh and E.P.R headquarters at Pilkhanain Dhaka.Then from 25th march Pakistani military suddenly started “Operation search light” upon the innocent and unarmed Bengali. That night 60 thousands Bengali was killed only in Dhaka city. 
Justice Zaheer: There is already 40 minutes have passed but nothing of his deposition is related to this case so far.

Prosecution: My lord, these all have the relevancy and he will come to the main point soon.
Witness: On 25th March 1971, throughout the whole night we cannot sleep for a single momens. We lived at Sholo sahar, Road no. 2/A, Chittagong. From there Chittagong Madhupara Army camp was 3 or 3 and half kilometres away. At 11:30pm we heard the sound of arms as a result we were getting scared. Basically C.D gowdown (a place which stored granary) where 8th battalion of East Bengal regiment was situated was not very far away from the place where I lives. Now this place is used as Chittagong shopping complex. Very early in the morning I went to that place to see what the condition of our soldiers were. I was surprised after going there, I was very much interested to know where the soldiers went without having any fight. A night guard of the Nasirabaad Housing complex said that at 2:30am to 3:30am some of the soldiers went to the east by following rail line and some went at the south by a car. I was disappointed hearing the news. After that when I was returning home I met with some Bengalis who fled away from the Chittagong army camp, they said that at 11:30pm on 25th march, soldiers of Pakistani 20th baluch regiment fired on the asleep and innocent soldiers of the Bengal regiment. 1500 soldiers were killed that night. 500 hundred were injured and some were fled away in half-nude condition. 
Then the court is adjourned.

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