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20 May 2012: Sayedee IO cross exam day 10

Following the morning session dealing with the cross examination of the witness against Chowdhury, the afternoon session concerned the continuing cross examination of the investigation officer involved in the Sayedee case (which continued from here)
Defence: Have you done any comparative analysis between the programmes of ATN bangla and Ekhusher chokh?

Witness: Yes, I have analysed these two programmes.

Defence: Did you get any information whether house of Manik Poshari was looted for 2nd time other than the date of 8th May, 1971.

Witness: No, I did not get any information in this regard.

Defence: How far a distance from the house of Manik Poshari to Parer Haat bandor?

Witness: Most probably half kilometre.

Defence: Would you please tell us difference of time between the looting of Manik Poshari’s house and the killing of Ibrahim Kutti?

Witness: Most probably 45 minutes.

Defence: You did not interrogate Advocate kanailaal bishwas and even not included him as witness of the case.

Witness: Yes, I did not.

Defence: Did you collect any information in this regard whether Advocate Kanalaal Biswas was a defendant lawyer of that case which had been filed by the Delwer Hossain Saydee?

Witness: Yes, I have collected this information.

Defence: Did you collect information of that particular case by sending any letter to the Advocate Kanailaal?

Witness: No, I have collected it from the police super, special branch, Pirojpur.

Defence: Did you collect any information in this regards that, Mr. Sayedee was defeated in 2008 parliamentary election because of the focusing on the war crime issue before the general public. And how many candidates were there against him?

Witness: I do not know.

Mizanul islam: Did you collect information whether allegation of war crime was brought against him by other candidates or not?

Witness: No, I did not know.

M.I: In 2008 parliamentarian election Mr. Awal won by getting vote little more than 1 lakh and Delwar Hossain Saidee was defeated by getting vote little more than 96 thousands. Do you know this?

Witness: No.

Mizanul islam: Mr. Shafiqur Rahman representative of Pirojpur from ATN bangla. My question is whether you have interviewed him or include him as witness?

Witness: No, I did not interrogate and include him as witness.

Defence: There are total 24 persons in this exhibit and among them 18 persons took part in different parliamentary election and many of them are parliamentary member also. Did you know this?

Witness: I do not know because I have just investigated this twelfth segment.

Defence: This programme which had been telecasted by the ATN Bangla in 2008 was also telecasted before. Did you know that?

Witness: I do not know.

Defence: Election Commission gave caution to the ATN Bangla for telecasting programme like this one since this matter was not proved.

Witness: It is not true.

Defence: From 1971-74, was the TV channel BTV telecasting at that time?

Witness: Yes.

Defence: In 1971-1974, whether in Dhaka there was office of TV channel Durodarshan of India, BBC of U.K and CNN and Voice of America of U.S.A?

Witness: I do not know.

Mizanul islam: For getting information regarding the war crime you have send letter to many TV channel including BTV.

Witness: Yes.

Defence: Did you get any reply from the BTV?

Witness: No.

Defence: Did you send any urgent letters to the BTV?

Witness: Yes, On 9. O1.2011, I have sent urgent letter to the BTV.

Defence: You did not also go to the archives of BTV.

Witness: Yes, I did not go.

Defence: Do you know many channels including Durodarshan, CNN, BBC, VOA are being telecast in Bangladesh now-a-days?

Witness: Yes, I have seen many channels.

Defence: Did you send any letters to these TV channels to get information on Liberation war in 1971 and specifically regarding the incident of Pirojpur and Delwer Hossain Saydee?

Witness: A letter has been sent by the investigation agency to the foreign ministry to know whether there is any report on liberation war in Bangladesh or in any foreign country.

Mizanul islam: Did you send any letter to the foreign ministry regarding the Indian Channel durodarshan to know about any information on liberation war and especially on Pirojpur and the Delwar Hossain Saydee. 
Then Mizanul Islam said that my lord, My question is specific, My question is on Pirojpur and Delwar Hossain Saydee but he gave me general answer.

Justice Nizam: Whole responsibility is upon the Investigation agency. They have investigated everything generally.

Defence: But my lord, as he is the investigation officer of that particular case so we must expect particular answer from him. It is his responsibility to collect information from the entire channel.

Justice Nizam: Learned counsel, he is the part of the investigation agency.

Justice Anwarul Haque: Learned counsel, you may ask a question whether the name of any foreign channel was included in his letter or not?

Defence: Yes, my lord this will be my second question.
Defence: Did you mention the name of T.V channel specifically to collect information?  
Witness: No, I did not.  
Defence: What was the reply of the foreign ministry towards the investigation agency? 
Then Investigation Officer finds a letter from his file and gave it to the justices to see.

Justice Nizamul haq saw the letter and said “we are not satisfied to see the letter”

Defence: My lord, if you are not satisfied then there is no question of satisfaction to us.

Defence: You did not collect any information from the BBC, VOA, CNN and Defence: You did not collect any information from the BBC, VOA, CNN and Durdarshan. 
Witness: Yes, I did not.  
Defence: Did you send any letter to the then “Shadin Bangla Betar Kendra” and at present which is named as “Bangladesh Betar” to get information upon the incident which occurred in 1971 at Pirojpur?  
Witness: Yes, I did not send any letter.  
Defence: Reporter Of the BBC Mark Tally, the South-Asian reporter in 1971, is alive but you did not question him and include him as witness.  
Witness: Yes, I did not question and include him as witness 
Defence: No journalist including Mark Tally who was appointed in this country in 1971 is included as witness of this case.  
Witness: Yes, no one is included as witness.  
Defence: The movie file which has been exhibited in material exhibit no. 10 is the compilation of 5 different segment of ATN music.  
Witness: Yes.  
Defence: In first segment there is history from Mughal regime to Speech of Bangbandhu Sheikh Majibar Rahnam on 7 March, 1971 but this segment is not related to this case.  
Witness: Yes, it is not related to this case but this whole CD is related to the history of Liberation War. 

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