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19 Apr 2012: Sayedee investigation officer day 8

Md. Helal Uddin, the Investigation Officer continued to give evidence to the tribunal in the Sayedee trial (following on from the previous day)
I’ve submitted two CDs to the tribunal containing pictures and videos of the alleged places of the crimes (They became, material Exhibit Nos. 12 (CD No. 8) and 13 (CD No. 10)

It was 1971 during the liberation war, a woman named Vagirothi, husband- Prionath Saha was tortured and afterward killed at village Baghmara, District Pirojpur. Thereafter a memorial was formed in the name of that woman, which is titled as “Vagirothi Square.” That memorial displays the names of the martyrs of Pirojpur. That image has been captured by me and has been previewed before the tribunal through the multimedia projector.

Serial 17 concerned Vanu Shaha, daughter of Bipod Shaha who was raped. During the investigation I’ve captured the photograph of the room of Vanu Shaha and have been submitted to the tribunal.

Serial 03. On 4th May, 1971, several Hindu areas of Pirojpur were burnt down, looted and destroyed completely.

Serial 4, 4th May, 1971 4 people of Hindu community were killed beside the Laundry House behind the LGED Building of P.S. Pirojpur; District: Pirojpur. I’ve videoed that place through the official camera and it has been submitted to the tribunal.

On 3rd December, 1971, the Pakistan Army attacked the western zone of India. In that circumstances India had given the recognition to Bangladesh. Thereafter the freedom fighters of Bangladesh and the eastern command of Indian Armed forces had formed Joint Group. The group entered various areas of Bangladesh. Then on 16th December, 1971 the Pakistan Army has surrender and Lieutenant General Niazi has represented the surrender. [Then he described the historical description and the name of the attendees on that Program. Then he presented an attested photocopy of the instrument of surrender.]

After obtaining the freedom from the darkness of Pakistan Army, the freedom fighters had started their search for the members of the auxiliary forces. The accused Syedee had fled away from his own residence. He took shelter at the home of Rowshon Ali (age 70 years) of Tohakhola, village- Bagharpara, district Jessore. He was assigned to take care of the cattle of Mr. Rowshon Ali. After taking shelter for a long time as his involvement with the various crimes like- crimes against humanity, killing, looting, arson, rape etc got disclosed before the local people, then he again moved to a different area with all the members of his family. After concealing himself from the eyesight of people, he returned to Pirojpur and started giving Islamic lectures and speeches. Afterwards he became member of the Parliament for two times. Through this conduct, he was trying to make himself free from all the offences he did in the period of Liberation War. During the Investigation I’ve captured the Videos and photographs of the house of Rowshon Ali, which has been submitted before the tribunal. [ Video Show by the multimedia projector: the house and the area of Rowshon Ali.]

Indian Government has made an exclusive video documentation on the atrocities and the violence which has been committed in between the period of liberation war titled as “India News Review Diary on Bangladesh, 1971.” I’ve collected the aforementioned CD which has been submitted before the Tribunal. [The video documentation on “India News Review Diary on Bangladesh, 1971” has been previewed before tribunal.]

The news Channel ATN Bangla has prepared a video documentation on the atrocities like murder, rape, killing, genocide, arson, looting etc which has been committed by the Pakistan Army and their auxiliary forces (Razakar, Al- Badar, and Al- Shams.) It is named as “Ekattorer Ghatokera”. It has been presented before the tribunal. [The video Documentation Show of Ekattorer Ghatokera.]
Justice Nizamul Huq: The Court is adjourned till 2 P.M.

Investigation officer continued to give his evidence.
I want to produce before the tribunal the documentary based on Ekattorer Ghatokera of ATN bangla news. (Multimedia Video Show of ATN bangla “Ekattorer Ghatokera” was displayed since 2:10 pm to 3:35pm)

Points about the video which were remarked as important are:

- Mawlana Abdus Subhan was the member of Peace committee at Pabna.

- Late Inuddin and afazuddin was the member of razakaar force at Razshahi.

- Statement of Panna Kaiser: She said that when Shahidullah Kaiser (an Intellectual abducted in December 1971) was forcefully taken away she recognized the face of A.B.M khalek Majumder. Then for the first time, trial was started against A.B.M Khalekujjaman in 1972. But he was released on 1976.

Mir kashem was the member of the Peace committee at Chittagong.

M.A Hannan was the general secretary of Muslim league Branch at Mymansing.

Abdul Halim was the leader of Peace committee at Joypurhaat. In this regard there was a statement of Shahriar kabir.

Abdul Khalek mondol known as Jollad khalek was the member Razakaar force at Shatkhreera. But later he was given clemency.

Muhammad Abdullah was the member of Peace committee at Nilfamari. Now he is a leader and Journalist of B.N.P.

Mawlana Habibur Rahman was the secretary of Peace committee at Chuadanga.

Investigation Officer: When proceedings of the court was started I was ordered to investigate. Then with the help of local police and local people I have completed investigation.

It is not possible for me and local police administration also to produce 15 important witnesses before the tribunal. To produce this witness before the Tribunal is expensive and impossible. I have submitted a report in this regard.
Then the court was adjourned.

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