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17 Apr 2012: Sayedee investigation officer day 6

After Barrister Abdur Razak sought privileged communication with Golam Azam, and the tribunal permitted the privileged communication to be done on Saturday morning between 10 and 1, with Abdur Razaq and Imran Siddiq going on behalf of the defense lawyer, Justice Nizamul Huq then told the Prosecutor that they were waiting for the photocopies of the 5 volumes of International reports that had been provided by the Liberation War Museum.

The prosecution then served the photocopies of 5 volume documents – approximately 2000 pages which are a compilation of the news paper cuttings of foreign news papers and journals between March to December 1971. (These documents were already exhibited on 10th April 2012 by the Investigation Officer as Material Exhibits Nos. 6, 6/1, 6/2, 6/3 and 6/4). These documents were received by the defence counsel Tanvir Ahmed Al-Amin.

Tajul Islam then mentioned a matter relating to Delwar Hossain Sayedee. He said that on 4th April the defence had filed an application for certified copies of all the orders in this case. But on 12th April that application was rejected with remark that ‘“Many orders copy has been taken, double giving is not possible.” We came to know on 18th March the prosecution applied for certified copies of all the orders and on 27th March 2012 they were given all the copies. If Prosecution can get certified copies of all the orders then why the defence cannot get.

The chairman replied that though the prosecution applied for all the copies they were only given those copies which they had not been given earlier.

Tajul Islam then said, that the tribunal could have passed a similar order in the defence application. ‘So why did you rejected our application.’

The chairman said that if you give us a list of the orders which you have been given earlier, we will give you the remaining orders.

Md. Helal Uddin, the Investigation Officer, then continued to give evidence (following on from a previous day).
The Operation searchlight was started on 25th March, 1971. It was intended to brutally destroy the Bangali community throughout this region. The Pakistan Army has started their attack from near about 11:30 P.M. through various firearms, mortar shell, rifle, grenade etc. Then he described the atrocities. He has mentioned that one of the Army troop went to the Ikbal Hall (at present Sergeant Jahurul Haque Hall) and Jagannath hall; and killed all the residents. Before their killing the Army made them dig a big burial ground for the corpses. Professor Nurul Ula of Buet has recorded what happened from his nearby residence; which is now preserved on the internet and various archives. The Pakistan Army had raped women in their Camp for days after days. On that very day the speech of Bangabandhu about the Liberation was transmitted through the radio wave. Right after the speech which was on aired through the radio; Lieutenant Colonel Z A Khan and Major Helal had attacked the residence of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with their troop and he was being arrested along with his family members.

Then the Investigation Officer has presented the relevant reports of (NBC, CBS) which covered the atrocities committed in 1971 at the river port area of Khulna District and the atrocities at Jagannath Hall and other relevant areas.

He said that the CD which contains the reports of CBS and NBC has been displayed before the tribunal which will be counted as material display-08. Then he talked about the historical contribution of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Then he mentioned the name of Tajuddin Ahmed who was in the leading position to lead the liberation when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was imprisoned in the Jail. In that time Tajuddin Ahmed and young Barrister Amirul Islam had played a vital role. On 17th April the declaration of Independence was read out from Boiddonath-tola, Meherpur, Kushtia (now Mujibnagar). From this declaration of Independence Bangladesh has emerged as the independent country.

Then a video show was presented before the tribunal- which showed the relevant videos of declaration of Independence from Mujibnagar; which has been prepared by the Investigation agency, International Crimes Tribunal. The CD will be counted as the exhibit matter-IX.

The Pakistan Army with their auxiliary forces had committed massive atrocities over the innocent people of Bangladesh. They were committing genocide. In that crucial moment- almost 1 crore people took asylum at the nearby state India. And people of every class including- police, EPR, student, teacher, labor- in fact from every class’s people have joined their hand to defend the country. In that time the Pakistan Army has formed the Peace Committee, Al-Badar, Al-Shams, Razakar to defend the liberation warriors. To protect the uniformity of Pakistan as well as Islam the Pakistan Army with the auxiliary forces started devastating activities over the Hindu community. They have committed massive killing, arson, rape,, crimes against humanity over the Hindu community. Almost 30 lakh (3 million) people were killed and almost 4 lakh women were raped. And almost 1 crore people have been taken asylum at India.

Then the documentary on Liberation war which was prepared by ATN Bangla, as titled as ‘Muktijuddher Itihash’ was presented before the tribunal.

At one point the defence counsel Mizanul Islam informed the tribunal that the prosecution had given the defence nine CDs the previous week. But that nos. 1, 2 and 8 do not play.

The prosecutor said that, if the defence give him the faulty CDs during the recess, they will get copies that play.
Investigation officer told the tribunal that he has submitted documentary based on liberation war before the tribunal. And this is my signature. The video was then shown

4th April 1971, Ameer of Jamaat-i-islam Ghulam Azam, previous foreign minister Hamidul huque chowdhury, Secretary of Jamiote Olamae islam Mahsin uddin ahmed, Advocate A.T Sadi, met with the Governor Tikka khan. They gave assurance to protect Pakistan and for this purpose they proposed to form Peace committee.

After the formation of Peace committee, Nurul Amin, Ghulam Azam and others met with Tikka khan again at Governor House. Ghulam azam said on that meeting “for the interest of united and undivided Pakistan Jamaat-i-islam will work with Pakistan militia”

He further delivered speech towards the general people so that they fight for protecting Pakistan, a secular land of Islam, and fight against the anti-Pakistan party.

In May, 1971, Mawlana A.K.M Yusuf along with 96 Jamaat members went to Khulna Anser Camp and formed for the first time Razakaar Force at Khulna.

In August 1971, Razakaar force was enacted though a Razakaar Ordinance. Mawlana A.K.M yusuf named this force as Razakaar force. Leadership of the Razakaar force was given to the members of Islamic student Association. And member of Razakaar was recruited by the Peace committee. Most of the member of this committee was from Madrasa, Muhaddes and Muddaser.

[Note: Muhaddes are the people who narrate “Hadith”. Muddser are those people who narrate “Koran”]

In this way in East Pakistan Razakaar force were formed in village and Union level. In a planned way under their leadership this heinous Genocide of the world has been committed. Ghulam Azam and other members of Jamaat-i-islam recognized as Razakaar forec played a vital role by committing genocide and supporting Pakistan militia.

Members of the Peace Comittee and Razakaar Force in a planned way by following their specific list they commit murder, rape, loot, torture and other destructive activities with a skill hand.

Occupied force with the help of Razakaar, Albadr, Alshams killed 3 million people, raped and tortured 4 lakhs women and compelled 1 core people to leave the country and to take shelter in India.

In 1971, Peace committee was formed in Pirojpur for supporting Pakistan militia, Killing freedom fighters, looting, torturing and doing other destructive act. Late Khan Bahadur Afzal along with some other members formed Peace committee in Pirojpur.
The chairman then told Haider Ali to finish for the day as the judges were feeling tired. ‘After five days of deposition of the IO, now he comes to the relevant part of Pirojpur,’ he said. He then told the prosecution to make the investigation officer statement concise as otherwise it will never end.

Mizanul Islam then said that in the morning you told the defence that certified copies of order can only be taken only once. But, we may need more copies and as such the parties should be allowed to take more than one copy of order. He suggested that the first copy may be free of cost and any extra copies the tribunal may charge costs. You may amend rules in this regard.

The chairman said that this was good advice and they will think over it.

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