Monday, July 2, 2012

13 Mar 2012: Molla charge framing 4

After dealing with the Golam Azam matter, the prosecution continued with its charge framing application relating to Mollah (following on from this day)

Advocate Md. Ali said My Lord, please look at page-31 of the formal charge. 3rd line from the bottom says during the liberation war, Abdul Kader Mollah was the secretary of the Islami Student Movement and was involved with Al-Badr. The investigation Unit has found the proof of offences against Abdul Kader Mollah. We brought here the charge against Abdul Kader Mollah. My Lord, he has done all the acts mentioned in 3(2) of the ICTAct-1972. Then he started reading several sections of to relate the crimes.]

Justice Fazle Kabir: You’ve submitted formal charges. Now are you trying to read out all those sections to relate the crimes? That’s okay. Now, please show us, the involvement of Abdul Kader Mollah with the Al-Badr, as you’ve mentioned in the formal charges against him.

Advocate Md. Ali: My Lord, I’m going to show it. Please look at page 2651 of the Seizure List. [Then corrected the page number with page no- 2754. [Then he got bewildered standing on the dais before the Tribunal and he didn’t find the relevant pages as he was trying to search.]

Justice Fazle Kabir: You’ve not organized the papers and materials to be presented before the tribunal, so you’re getting it from your documents.

Advocate Md. Ali: No My Lord. Let me read. In 1971 Mr. Abdul Kader Mollah was known as butcher and slaughter. A big graveyard has been found in Shialbari; Mirpur and Rupnagar. It has been alleged that- the massacre on those areas have been committed in the leadership of Kader Mollah.

Fazar Ali who is the inhabitant of Taltola has informed the Investigation agency that- his younger brother martyr Pollob was killed by the Pakistan Armies with the direct leadership of Kader Mollah. On 29th March, 1971; after being informed about his position; the Pakistan Army found him out and took him to Abdul Kader Mollah- from ShahAli Bag to Mirpur by walking.

Justice Fazle Kabir: Mr. Ali, concentrate on answering our question.

Advocate Md. Ali: Yes. My Lord, the question was where he was staying then. I’m trying to answer this.

Justice Fazle Kabir: No, our question was whether he was involved with Al-Badr or not.

Advocate Md. Ali: Yes, My Lord. [Then he again started searching his documents to find out the relevant answer.]

Justice Fazle Kabir: Please show us the reference of his involvement.

Advocate Md. Ali: [Still searching the pages.]

Justice AKM Zaheer: You’ve submitted in 7 of your formal charges that Abdul Kader Mollah was involved with Al-Badr. Please show us the reference. You’ve to use all of these references in line by line. Please keep it in your memory.

Justice Nizamul Haq: Okay. Mr. Ali. Please come tomorrow with all of the relevant references, side notes, and footnotes.

Advocate Md. Ali: Okay My Lord, Much obliged.

The court was adjourned to after lunch after which it started the tribunal took up the charge framing application relating to Nizami

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