Monday, July 2, 2012

12 Mar 2012: Azam adjournment

The tribunal was scheduled to hear arguments relating to the Gholam Azam frame charge hearing but none of the relevant defence lawyers appeared before the court to argue an application for adjournment (as there was a general strike going on that day).

Two judges of the three member-tribunal decided to reschedule the hearing date, but AKM Zaheer Ahmed disagreed with his colleagues. He said the defence counsels had failed to show minimum courtesy to submit their adjournment application before the tribunal, so his view was to reject the application summarily.

Zaheer, however, said that as the other two judges decided to allow the defence to make their arguments, he accepted the majority view.

"But by that order we have opened a new window for the prosecutors also. In future, it may happen that after filing applications all the prosecutors may refrain themselves from appearing before the tribunal and then we will have to allow them like today without prejudicing them. So, before passing an order we shall think about the future consequences also," the judge continued.

The court also rejected an application filed by the defence seeking to get a copy of the war crimes investigation report to Ghulam Azam.

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