Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quader Molla appeal, day 27: Amicus arguments 1

8 July 2013
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Today was fixed for hearing amicus curiase on 2 issues:

(1) Whether the customary international law is applicable to International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh?, and

(2) Whether the latest (4th) amendment of the ICT Act is applicable to Quader Molla?

The court has chosen 7 amicus curiaes in total and they are: T H Khan (ex-justice), Barrister Rafiq-ul Haq, Barrister M. Amir-ul-Islam, Mahmudul Islam, Rokonuddin Mahmood, Ajmalul Hossain QC and A F Hasan Arif.

Barrister Rafiq was not present however, he sent his written submission via Moulvi Md. Wahid Ullah. The bench asked him to read out before the court. At that time Attorney General (for state), Barrister Abdur Razzaq (for Mollah), 2 of the amicus curia Barrister Amir and Ajmalul Hossain QC were present in the court room. 

Here is a link to the submission of Rafique-ul-Huq

Here is a link to the submission of Amirul Islam and the report of Justice Jackson on War Crimes which he referred to

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