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Interview of Momena by liberation war museum researcher

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This is the translated statement which the witness Momena Begum gave in September 2007 to a researcher at Jallad Khana, the annex of the Liberation War Museum officer,  in relation to the massacre of her family on 26 March 1971. The existence of this statement is not in contention

The translation has been independently checked for accuracy. The original can be downloaded here

On 17 September 2013, the appellate division imposed the death sentence in relation to this offense.

This statement is linked to the annotated version of an article (originally published in New Age) which can be found here.
Name of the Interviewee : Momena Begum

Educational Qualification : Class Five

Profession : Housewife

Age : 46 Years

Relation with the Martyr : Daughter

Phone : XXXXX [numer concealed]

Description of the Incident:

In the year 1971, a few Bengalis also lived with Biharis in Kalapani area of Mirpur. After 7th March, watching the worrying situation of the country, few bangalis left this area to take safe shelter. As few did not have the opportunity to leave this place, they stayed in this area. Laskar family in one of those family who did not leave this place.

Hazrat Ali was a tailor. He had a shop in Mirpur. When everyone left this area, then Hazrat Ali Laskar was also told to leave the area. But he had no place to go. When the genocide started on 25th March, Biharis surrounded his house and took him away on 7am morning, 26th March. After some time they also took his wife, two daughters and his little son and after killing everyone, they throw away all the dead bodies into a well of nearby house. Biharis locked his second daughter Amena Begum in a room and raped her. After that, they also killed her and throw her into that well. Because the elder daughter of Hazrat Ali, Momena Begum left for her father in law’s house two days earlier, she remained alive.
It is noted here that Hazrat Ali’s wife was pregnant at that time.

After a few days elder daughter of Hazrat Ali, Momena Begum knew everything [about what happened]. But as the situation of Mirpur was still worrying, she was not able to come to Mirpur. After independence, she went to her house but did not find anything of her house. She went back to his father in law’s house with a wretched heart.

After independence, Momena Begum got a cheque of Two thousand taka from Sheikh Mujib. Other than this she did not get any help from anyone.

Now the physical condition of Momena Begun is not good. She got many diseases. Her sons can obtain good treatment of Momena Begum due to money crisis. During this interview suddenly she fainted and got senseless. The economical condition of her sons are not well. They lived their life by working in other people’s shops.
Interview taken by: XXXXXX [name concealed]
Date: 28.09.07

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