Wednesday, December 3, 2014

In good faith - articles, statements in support

During the course of the contempt proceedings involving three articles published on this blog, there have been a number of pieces published on the case which I have refrained from posting or providing links in order to avoid any claim of trying to interference with the proceedings.

Now that the proceedings are over, I am providing some links to them and would encourage people to read them.

In addition, there have been a number of statements given after publication of the judgement, which are set out below


1. 'A Man and History on Trial: The Case of David Bergman' by Larry Lifschultz

Lifschulz is famous in Bangladesh as the author of 'Bangladesh: the unfinished revolution' which inter alia investigates the murder of Sheikh Mujib in 1975. He has acted as an expert witness in the Bangladesh courts in relation to the killing in 1976 of Abu Taher, and has written on some of the most contentious parts of the country's history. He has pretty much an impeccable reputation. 

This article is particularly notable as he provides some new evidence on the issue of numbers.

2. 'The politics of contempt in Bangladesh' by Salil Triparthi

Triparthi is an Indian journalist and writer, who has just published a book on the Independence War of 1971, called The Colonel Who Would Not Repent: The Bangladesh War and its Unquiet Legacy

Ali is a physicist at the Perimeter Institute for Applied Physics and an editor of the Alal-o-Dulal blog

A shorter version of this article was also published in the Daily Star

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