Monday, September 16, 2013

Quader Molla appeal, day 3

4 April 2013
See previous day's proceedings

Proceedings took place between 9.50 and 11 am. Present from the Attorny General's officer was AG himself and Additional Attorney General M K Rahman. The ICT Chief Prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu was also present. For the defence, senior advocate Khondokar Mahbub Hossain was present

Additional Attorney General M K Rahman read out paragraphs 249 to 302 of the judgement. There was no comment from either party. However, before the session ended, the Chief Justice asked the Additional Attorney General M K Rahman how many charges there were against the respondent in total and what were the potential punishments in respect of those charges as prescribed by the ICT Act 1973. In reply, the Additional Attorney General M K Rahman stated that there were 6 charges and explained the relevant punishment in the ICT Act.

At 11 am the court was adjourned for an hour

At 12 pm the court restarted. The defence counsel Molla Khondokar Mahbub Hossain came to the dais apologise for not informing the court earlier about the applications relating to Justice Sinha and Manik (see here). The chief justice then criticised the defence lawyer for providing the applications to the media before they were considered in court. He then made some further remarks about this matter which he said should not be published

The Additional Attorney General M K Rahman then proceeded with reading out the judgement from paragraph 303 344. At the end Justice S K Sinha advised the counsel for the state to do some advance research before the argument stage as currently they are merely reading out the judgement.

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