Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kamaruzzaman trial index

Kamaruzzman trial index

This page list the links to the indictment against Kamaruzzaman (in Tribunal 2) and the hearings (in Tribunal 1) that that took place that led up to the indictment.

The evidence giving during the trial and the closing arguments will be put up here shortly

The verdict is due to be be given on Thursday 9 May 

4 Jun 2012      Order of indictment (scroll to the end to see the charges)

1 Apr 2012     Defence argument against charge framing/indictment

19 Mar 2012   Prosecution argument for charge-framing, day 2

18 Mar 2012   Prosecution argument for charge-framing, day 1 (am)

18 Mar 2012   Prosecution argument for charge-framing, day 2 (pm)

Index on key postings on rest of blog

New on the blog
Defence applications seeking recusal of Justice Manik and Justice Sinha

Appellate Division
start of appeals relating to the conviction of Abdul Quader Mollah

Trial of Delwar Hossain Sayedee
index to pre-trial hearings, trial testimony and analysis
index to closing arguments, applications for retrial, judgement

Trial of Abdul Quader Mollah
index to pre-trial and trial proceedings, closing arguments and judgement

Trial of Abdul Kalam Azad
Index to trial testimony, closing arguments and judgement
Azad judgment analysis, 1 and 2

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