Friday, February 3, 2012

16 Jan 2012: Alim bail

Abdul Alim is the only one of the accused who has been given bail. The prosecutors have received an investigation report from the investigation agency but no formal charge has been submitted. The question of whether his bail should be extended came up before the tribunal. Alim was in court in his  wheelchair.

(Also on the this day the 13th witness in the trial of Delwar Hossain Sayedee gave evidence, the defence lawyer Mizanul Islam undertook his cross examination, and there was an application for investigation report  to be given to the defence)

Prosecutor Haider Ali came to the dais and before he started his submission that bail should not be granted, Tribunal Chairman Justice Nassim asked him some questions.

Chairman Justice Nassim: Is there is misuse of the privileges of bail by the accused petitioner?

Prosecution: I have to find that out.

Chairman Justice Nassim: That means there is no such misuse of privileges. Then what is your ground for protesting the extension of the bail of the accused?

Prosecution: Whether the circumstances while your Lordship allowed the bail of the accused petitioner has been changed or not?

Justice Zaheer: What do you mean? There are 2 screws in the back of the accused petitioner and he is using the wheelchair. Do you want to say that the screws have been removed from his back?

Prosecution: No, my Lord.

Chairman Justice Nassim: Mr. Prosecutor, can you please confirm that the interrogation of the accused has been done (at his place)?

Prosecution: Yes, my Lord.

The Tribunal Chairman Justice Nassim then made the following order in this matter:
In compliance with the order the accused petitioner has surrendered before the Tribunal and he has not misused the privileges of the bail. Thus the Tribunal is pleased to enlarge the bail granted to the accused or further time i.e. he will be on bail as before. Prosecution has confirmed that the interrogation of the accused has been done. The accused need to be present on the day (15.03.2012) fixed for submission of the formal charge.

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