Tuesday, January 3, 2012

18 Dec 2011: Mollah charges submitted

Prior to the beginning of the cross examination by the defence of the second witness against Delwar Hossain Sayedee, the prosecution submitted charges against Abdul Quader Mollah, and re-fixed the date for a hearing on congnisance for three other Jamaat-e-Islami leaders to 28 December 2011
The tribunal passed the following order.
“Accused Abdul Quader Molla has been presented in this tribunal today by the prosecution authority. Mr Tipu, the chief prosecutor has submitted formal charges and documents regarding the same accused Mollah. We have heard the learned chief prosecutor. May the formal charge and other documents be accepted. 28.12.2011 for consideration of cognisance for Abdul Quader Mollah. On that date, the accused person is to be present in the tribunal.’
The tribunal also re-fixed December 28 for a hearing about taking cognisance against top Jamaat leaders Motiur Rahman Nizami, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed and Muhammad Kamaruzzaman. The tribunal chairman said, that there were lots of documents produced in this case and they had not been given enough time to read all of them since they were taking evidence during the day.

Prior to this Barrister Abdur Razzak, for the defence, raised his concern that the tribunal had passed previous orders relating to provision of health friendly vehicles, but that these were not being complied with. He said that the jail authority were happy to comply with the order but the police were not. He pointed out that Mujahid was 63 years old and suffering from backache.

The tribunal chairman said that he expected all their orders to be complied with.

Tajul Islam, another defence lawyer also raised issue about the number of defence passes, and asked for 20. The chairman said that that this was too much and 15 passes were agreed.

Islam also further drew the Tribunal’s attention to the fact that some DVDs relating to Sayedee’s case had been mistakenly kept by them and they were submitted to the bench.

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