Wednesday, November 16, 2011

18 Oct 2011: Alim bail

This hearing concerned an application by the prosecution to interrogate Md Alim, one of the two Bangladesh Nationalist Party leaders (BNP) detained by the International Crimes Tribunal.

Under the Rule 16 of the ICT rules of procedure, the tribunal can pass an order that an accused person be given into the custody of the investigation agency if the tribunal itself considers it to be ‘indispensable’.

The defence lawyer, Tarikul Islam sought an adjournment since the defence's lead lawyers were either out of the country or otherwise busy.

There was also an application for an extension of his bail, and an application for extension of investigation period.

It was a very short hearing.

The tribunal passed the following order:
'Application filed by accused petitioner for extension of bail is taken up for hearing. It appears that since entered on bail, accused is appearing on dates fixed, and not deviating in any manner from the order, invited to extend bail. Let bail be granted to Alim to next date.

The application filed by prosecution for extention of investigation period is taken up for hearing. 16 Oct was date fixed for progress report and prosecution have submitted progress report which has been perused. On perusal we find investigation is proceeding and prosecution is applying for further time to undertake investigation

We are of the view that three months time maybe allowed for prosecution for submitting formal charges, or progress report which ever is appropriate. Let matter appear on 16 January 2012 for submission of formal charge or progress report.

The application for interrogation under section 16(1) is taken up for hearing. It is our view that should consider application in presence of accused petitioner. Let him appear at this tribunal next Sunday 23 oct 2011 for consideration of application filed by prosecution.

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