Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4th Hearing, 10 Aug 2010: Non-appearance of Sayedee

At this hearing on 10 August 2010 (at which I was present), Delwar Hossain Sayedee was supposed to be brought before the Tribunal (see previous post).

However, prior to the hearing, the jail authorities had informed the members of the Tribunal that he had fallen ill and could not attend.

The Tribunal chairman opened the hearing by informing the court about Sayedee's situation - as well as to say that one of the judges, Justice AKM Zaheer Ahmed was also unwell and could not attend.

He then asked the defence lawyers if all the applications that the lawyers had filed to date dealing with all five detained men could be dealt with together at the next hearing. He said since the legal issues in the applications - relating to the first four accused on the one hand, and Sayedee on the other - dealt with similiar legal issues, it would make more sense if all the applications could be dealt with at one hearing.

The defence lawyer, Tajul Islam, appeared initially hesitant, but agreed.

The next hearing date was set for 24 August.

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