Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kamaruzzaman impending execution rolling blog

Rolling blog on impending Kamaruzzaman execution can be found here

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  1. Dear Mr. Bergman,

    Your whole statement on the war criminal Kamaruzzaman is a foul statement. This type of sermon, you please give to your native buddies. Do you know what he did or what they (these violent and brutal animals belonged to Jamaat-e-Islami) did during our liberation war in 1971?

    How do you dare show so much sympathy to these worst criminals and their gangsters?

    Where is your sympathy to members who were brutally murdered by them? Raped by them?

    Hundreds of thousands of our mothers and sisters were gang raped by these creatures of the hell. Where is your sympathy for them?

    You are a den of criminals and standing for protecting the criminals only, nothing else. Nothing else!!!! Don't interfere in our affairs. If we hang Kamaruzzaman and his buddies 100 times, that will even be a very low punishment.

    Well your own machine. I saw in my own eyes : how innocent people were brutally murdered, women were raped and shot them to death in 1971 but their death bodies were never allowed for burial by these bastards. Rather these bodies were allowed to eat by the vultures, jackals, dogs etc. Do you think they are human beings? My foot!!!

    Like all other people of Bangladesh, I want immediate execution of Kamaruzzaman, the buther of Jamalpur. But you are advocating something else. Your sympathy for those heinous criminals knows no bounds!!! Shame on you, Adams!!!. How do you dare of such an unkind act? Stop it! Stop it.!!

    You are standing against the humanity. YOUR VOICES ARE FOR INJUSTICE!!! Stop it immediately!!! And ask for pardon to the people of Bangladesh for your wrong stance and misdeeds!!!!!.

    Anwar A. Khan